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AISG Circular Connector: -Products comply with standard NO.AISG-C485 V1.1 -Pins amount: 3-12 pins -Connection: threaded connection, bayonet quick connection -Mounting method of products: mounting through the wall , flanges mounting, etc. -Easy to plug, reliable connection, anti-electromagnetic interference -Widely used in 3G/4G communication network, industrial control, data processing equipment, testing and medical equipment and other fields Main technical conditions  -Electrical performance:   1).Rated voltage:  250V   2).Rated current:  5A   3).Dielectric withstand voltage:  1200V   4).Contact resistance: ≤5mΩ  -Mechanical Performance   1).Durability:  500 cycles   2).Protection level:  IP67   3).Axial force (engagement): ≤65N   4).Axial force (separation): ≥45N  -Environmental performance   1).Operating temperature:  -40℃~+85℃   2).Neutral salt spray test : 168 hours  -Materials and plating   1).Shell:  brass, tri-metal or nickel plated   2).Contact:  tin bronze, gold plating   3).Insulator:  PBT or PA66   4).Rotating Ring:  brass, tri-metal or nickel plated   5).Adhesive:  epoxy   6).Cable sheath:  PVC
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