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QMA Rf Coaxial Connector Instructions

QMA Cable Mount Connectors


QMA RF connectors offer the same high quality and performance as SMA RF connectors, which are "quick disconnect" version of SMA connectors. XAHonor provides 50 Ohm QMA cable mount connector , which is available for RG58, RG141, RG316, LMR195, LMR200, LMR240 cables. We utilize a crimp and solder attachment process for a strong and effective attachment.

XAHonor produces and sales QMA cable mount connectors in male or female gender, including straight plugs QMA cable connectors, straight Jacks QMA cable connectors, right angle plugs QMA cable connectors are available.


QMA Right Angle Crimp Plug RG316  50 Ohm.jpgQMA Straight Crimp Jack RG316 Double Braided  50 .jpg

QMA Bulkhead Mount Connectors

XAHonor provides QMA bulkhead mount connectors with brass nickel body plated, straight bulkhead cable Jacks QMA connectors are available.These QMA connector designs include crimp or solder attachment methods, flexible and semirigid cable.We can also custom connectors per your requirements.

 QMA Straight Solder Plug   0.086 Semi-Rigid 50 Ohm.jpg20160607 176.jpg

QMA Flange Mount Connectors

QMA flange mount connectors are a kind of QMA panel mount connectors. XAHonor can offers you QMA 2-hole flange mount connectors and QMA 4-hole flange mount connectors.

 QMA Straight  Jack RG178, 2-hole Flange mount  50 Ohm.jpgQMA Straight  Jack 4-hole Flange mount  50 Ohm.jpg

QMA PCB Mount Connectors  


The QMA PCB(Printed Circuit Board)Connector are available in straight or right angle versions, as well as, bulkhead PCB mount or PCB-through hole options. We can offer you QMA female and male PCB connectors.They are widely used in communications as well as industrial applications, offering a more convenient installation than SMA connectors.

 QMA Right Angle PCB Jack bulkhead 50 Ohm .jpgQMA Straight  PCB Jack 50 Ohm.jpg



RA QMA connectors from Fairview Microwave are part of the very extensive selection of radio frequency interconnect components. Fairview RA QMA connectors include male genders in 50 Ohm impedance levels. Our right angle QMA connectors are available in standard polarity designs with mountless types.

The right angle QMA connector product line for coax are available with various crimp/non-solder contact and crimp/solder attachment methods. Fairview Microwave standard and other special configurations right angle QMA connectors are also in-stock for same day shipment. RA QMA connector compatible cable types include: LMR-240.

The QMA connector is a quick disconnect version of the SMA connector and shares the same internal construction, which allows the connector to have excellent performance up to 6 GHz. Because of the innovative coupling mechanism, a 360-degree butt joint is maintained resulting in low RF leakage. Since the RF line is identical to the SMA series, the QMA connectors also offer the same high power handling capability. This gives the series significant advantages over other quick disconnect connectors.

Mechanically, the QMA series offers a more convenient installation than SMA connectors. Because the interface mates with a snap-on instead of a threaded coupling, there is a significant time advantage. Typically, these connectors can be installed into a system 10 times faster than an SMA connector. Another benefit of eliminating the threaded coupling is the denser packaging. The pitch between connector can be reduced because there is no requirement for wrench clearance. Connectors can be rotated 360 degrees after they are mated which greatly improves the flexibility of installations.

QMA[1] and QN[2] connectors are the quick lock version of SMA and N connectors. This design can save much handling time because it allows quick mating and demating without tools. Due to the smaller overall size, it can save the operating space and allows for high density arrangement. To make cable routing easier, it can rotate 360 degrees after installation.

The Mini-QMA is a quick-locking SMA (QMA) replacement that was designed with panel mount and printed circuit board (PCB) applications specifically in mind; the length of the Mini-QMA being the shortest of any QMA connector on the market to date. This miniaturization, in addition to its snap-on coupling mechanism and electronic performance equivalent to SMA up to 18 GHz, make the Mini-QMA an excellent choice for applications in which space is limited but performance is required.

QMA Bulkhead connectors for PCB, Flexible RG and LMR type cables, Including Semi-rigid cable

QMA Right Angle Connectors for Flexible and semi-rigid cable types including RG and LMR (r) series

QMA Coaxial 2hole and 4hole flange (panel) mount connectors

QMA PCB Printed Circuit Board Connectors.

Pasternack Enterprises QMA connectors category contains 21 part numbers, most of which are RoHS and REACH compliant. QMA connectors in this category will terminate to coax or PCB (printed circuit board). Our QMA connectors are built to precise microwave and RF industry specifications.


Pasternack QMA connectors are manufactured in male or female gender with 50 Ohm impedance. QMA connectors are available in straight or right angle versions, as well as, bulkhead or mountless options. These QMA connector designs include crimp/solder, solder or solder/solder attachment methods.


Our ISO 9001:2008 registered production facility ships QMA connectors the same day from the broadest and deepest in stock inventory of microwave and RF products. Exceptional technical support and customer service are available to assist you. Contact us by email or phone at,, 866-727-8376 US and Canada or +949-261-1920 International.

QMA connectors are a "quick disconnect" version of a SMA connectors. They share the same internal construction as SMA connectors as well as excellent performance. This 50 Ohm connector is available for RG58 and 195 Series Low-Loss cables. All connectors utilize a crimp attachment process for a strong and effective attachment.




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